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What Everybody Is Saying About Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts Is Wrong and Why

What Everybody Is Saying About Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts Is Wrong and Why Getting the Best Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts You have to read samples of these essays on various topics to be able to do that. Now that you're acquainted with writing a DBQ essay, it wouldn't be too difficult in your part to compose a superb and robust essay to land yourself a superior grade. After reading through some samples you must have a very good idea how to compose your persuasive essay. Nevertheless, not all DBQ essay examples are made equal. You'll observe a similar structure in several of the essays. There are particular things that help determine the practice of writing a persuasive essay. Stephen's essay is rather effective. The other essays will help give you an awareness of what score your essay may have gotten that year and any areas you might have overlooked. The Downside Risk of Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts There's, naturally, a limit on the range of pages even our very best writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but usually, we can satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. You may also acquire several discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. However, you can rest assured that you're getting a fine work for the price tag you're paying. And this year is not going to be a different. In addition to such tidbits of advice, you can take a look at this article with a lengthier list of the very best study str ategies for this class. As you might already know, there are many options here. Much is dependent on your selection. You'll be provided a selection of three essay choices, each focusing on another variety of time periods. The War Against Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts You only have to be thankful you don't need to read the original documents. A great method to start is to compose a one-sentence response to every question. This is not simple to achieve though. The AP Long Essay is much like the DBQ in that you have to develop a thesis and utilize historical evidence to back up your thesis, but there isn't going to be any documents on which you have to base your response. Learn more on the subject of AP self-studying so you are able to decide whether it's the best option for you. If you aren't confirmed in an AP class, you won't be issued a textbook. AP U.S. History may be your opportunity to shine. The Fight Against Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts There are dozens of essays it is possible to browse at ProfEssays.com. These seven sample essays respond to a wide range of thought-provoking questions. Place an order with our business and we're going to write a fantastic persuasive essay for you. Get in touch with us and find the best academic essay writing service and get rid of all of the probable mistakes! It's tough to pick my favorite of the essay prompts I encountered this calendar year, but simple to select the one I thought the absolute most off-putting. Please be aware that a few of these college essay examples could be responding to prompts that are no longer being used. It is possible to download our sample essays free of charge. Bridget's essay is extremely strong, but there continue to be a couple little things that could be made better. Getting the Best Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts Here are a couple study tips that can help you prepare strategically for the exam. Grading samples carefullywill help you to get a sense ofyour own blind spots so that you know what skills to concentrate on in your prep. Attention to detail is critical if you need to see huge improvements! Students will have the ability to differentiate between long-term effects and isolated incidents, and the various impacts of the two. Top Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts Secrets The previous scor es as awarded by the College Board will be useful in establishing a ballparkobviously a 9 is still likely to be a fantastic essay under the 7-point scalebut there could be some modest differences in grades between the 2 scales. The AP World History DBQ presents a prompt and a number of historical documents that are meant to demonstrate the intricacy of a certain historical matter. Advanced Placement World History was made by the Collegeboard to offer high school students the chance to study the big civilizations of earth throughout history. Get the Scoop on Samples of Ap World Essay Prompts Before You're Too Late This prompt is a great choice if you would like to explore a single event or achievement that marked a very clear milestone in your private improvement. Economically, ways of trading was changed as a result of the debut of silver to the world. It may be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma--anything that's of personal significance, whatever the scale. The fundamental core score of 7 must be gained.

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Cooperation Between Nations And The Involvement Of...

Despite the more pessimistic view of international cooperation of neorealists, neoliberals believe that cooperation can be a norm in international relations. Neoliberals see that cooperation is possible due to the interdependence of nations and the involvement of international institutions. Even though neoliberals have this outlook on cooperation, they still share the same core ideas of neorealists, but reject their conclusions. Neoliberals, similarly to neorealists, see the world in a state of anarchy with no overriding power above the states. However, unlike neorealists, neoliberals believe that there are instances under anarchy which lead to cooperation between states since, in their opinion, the state of anarchy can be overcome. This is because neoliberals believe states are unitary, rational actors with the final goals of security and survival. Neoliberals express that not only can states improve themselves in terms of military power, but also in other areas such as economic pr osperity since it is still works towards security and survival. These goals then lead to the promotion of international cooperation. Oye, a neoliberal, states, â€Å"Despite the absence of any ultimate international authority, governments often bind themselves to mutually advantageous courses of action† (Oye 76). States will cooperate with one another when it will elevate their interests and there is a mutual gain between the states involved. Because in the neoliberal perspective, if the situation canShow MoreRelatedUnited Nations Security Council Is Beyond Reform From The Perspective Of Small Nation States1129 Words   |  5 PagesSmall States In the analysis of the theories that will be used in analyzing whether the United Nations Security Council is beyond reform from the perspective of Small nation states. It is observed firstly that International relations theory do in fact points out several positions of disagreement that in fact questions either the capacity of international organizations to impact changes in the international system, or their ability to facilitate anything else but the interests of their most powerfulRead MoreLiberal Theory Of International Organizations956 Words   |  4 PagesLIBERAL THEORY In order to answer the question of why Small Nation States want a place in the UNSC? The liberal approach to international organizations and that of the UNSC in actuality somewhat provides this answer. The liberal approach notes that the very existence of international organizations means that states in general are interested in cooperation. In other words, the emergence of international organizations is a result of states’ willingness to cooperate, even in the conditions of anarchyRead MoreGlobal Governance Is A Set Of Coercive Norms, Principles, And Decisions1531 Words   |  7 Pagesdecisions-making procedures existing over and above the level of nations-states which have to comply with them. In the realm of international migration in which individuals opt voluntarily to cross countries boundaries in order to stay in the host state for a minimum of length of time, it appears that that the need of global governance has become unavoidable by the mid twentieth century. Effectively, states struggle to control international migration. Indeed, history demonstrated that migration has oftenRead MoreThe Shortage Of Fresh Water1506 Words   |  7 Pagesserious international issue. Gleick (2011, pg. xi) proposes that the speed of human usage on fresh water is faster than the time for the Earth to refill it. In addition, Dinar (2008, pg. 22) and World Bank (1995 quoted in New York Times, cited Wolf 1998) state that the conflicts for the twenty-first century would be based on hydro resources. The shortage of fresh water is not affecting only on the minority people or regionals but it might also leads to political tensions between nations. AlthoughRead MoreA Critique Of Capitalism And The Power Of The Bourgeoisie Class1744 Words   |  7 Pagesthat human nature is effected majorly by social changes, as opposed to the belief that states dominate and that technological progress has no effect on the autonomy of states. This is supported by liberalist thinking in the development of international institutions, the process of globalisation has dramatically changed the way states behave, something that realists choose to ignore. They believe that this is due to struggles throughout history, which supports the idea of hegemony in that states thatRead MoreClimate Change Has Become The Most Pressing Issue Of Our Time1448 Words   |  6 Pagespoint in which we cannot recover; we can merely hope to minimize the damage. It is an issue that has foun d its way to the forefront of many governmental platforms, regardless of political affiliation. Most recently, APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation – held its yearly summit in Beijing, the capital of the world’s greatest polluter: China. However, the progress attained by this conference is what has newspapers, such as the Washington Post, calling it the â€Å"best APEC summit ever. (cite)† ChinaRead MoreInternational Relations During The Cold War1750 Words   |  7 PagesEssay over International Relations This paper will talk about how international relations changed after the cold war in four parts. The first part will be talking about environment. The second part will be talking about religion. The third part is sovereignty. The fourth part will have changes in statehood. The fifth part will talk about gender and then the conclusion. Environment has been growing as an academic subject for the past three decades and now it is on the â€Å"international agenda† (Jackson)Read MoreInternational Economic Exchange And Foreign Investment1656 Words   |  7 Pagesface a trade-off between the accumulation of wealth and consolidation of power depends on the type of international economic exchange the country is involved in as well as the nature of the state. In this essay, I consider trade, currency exchange and foreign investment as the primary economic exchanges that countries are involved in, as well as the different natures of states such as developing economies and industrialized nations. I argue that countries involved in international economic exchangeRead MoreThe End Of The Second World War Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pagesfierce competitors on the international scene, which lead to increasing political and military tensions between a US-led Western Bloc and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). F rom 1947 until 1991, this period of tension became known as the Cold War. Immediately after the Second World War, Canada, whose contribution to the Allied war effort cannot be overlooked, found itself in a period of economic prosperity, and of social reform. With growing conflict between the United States and theRead MorePeru Essay1655 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Trade Activities In recent years, Peru has been a stable emerging economy and has consistently experienced positive economic growth. Peru’s emergence as a growing economy and stable economy has been a recent phenomenon. During the 1980s, Peru was isolated from the global economy and many citizens of Peru believed in a protectionist economic worldview (Silva, 2014). Peru’s protectionist economic policies prevented the entry of foreign direct investment (FDI) and resulted in a very

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Stereotypes in the film American Beauty - 2078 Words

Stereotyping In Modern Film Stereotypes are extremely prominent in modern cinema, the first example that springs to mind is that of the film American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes, in 1999. Here is a seriocomic look at suburban America, which utilizes various stereotypes in order to make a broader statement on the symptoms supposedly brought upon us by living boring suburban lives. While the stereotypes work to the filmmakers advantage in the films cutting comic stages, once the film devolves into melodrama, the stereotypes become much more apparent, changing the film from a scathing satire to a parable of sorts. The plot of the film can be summarized by saying that it concerns the character of Lester Burnham, just as he is about to†¦show more content†¦While one senses that his wife is overly materialistic, her reaction is more believable because of the fact that she is most likely shocked by his sudden display of affection, and made uncomfortable by it. The idea that the stereotypes in this film are used as shortcuts does not really work in this case because the stereotypes are so fully explained by various methods such as voice over that they are not shortcuts at all, but are in the fact the actual substance of the film. Nor are these stereotypes manifested out of the fortress of tradition. This would imply that the stereotypes of the film are used because of the conventions of the genre, and this film is anything but conventional. As a matter of fact, the film tries so hard to be original and idiosyncratic that it is clear that the last thing it intends to do is adhere to the conventions now standard in the majority of films. However, this just makes the film even more maddening because while the fact that the film is made by stunningly original auteurs is more or less stuffed down the viewers throats, one can not help but feel that they are a little too familiar with the territory that this film explores. The bored and unhappy American family has been written about for ages and ages before 1999, the year this film was released. Another thing one must examine when discussing the purpose of stereotypes in film is their sociological value versus their aesthetic value. The sociological value, meaning theShow MoreRelatedSociety Vs Beauty : A Girl Like Me, The Director Of The Film986 Words   |  4 PagesSociety vs Beauty Many of us are faced with the idea that we will never be able to live up to society s expectations. That no matter what we do as human beings, nothing will ever be perfect to society. In the short documentary film â€Å"A Girl Like Me,† the director of the film examines the importance of color of skin, hair and facial features for young African American women. The director s purpose was to empower the women and let them know they can overcome these false stereotypes. The film startsRead MoreDo Animated Disney Characters Portray And Promote The Beauty Goodness Stereotype Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Do Animated Disney Characters Portray and Promote the Beauty Goodness Stereotype† (Bazzini et al,. 2010). Introduction The following essay will critically discuss the proposed journal article â€Å"Do Animated Disney Characters Portray and Promote the Beauty Goodness Stereotype† (Bazzini et al., 2010). This research study aimed to look if Disney films can influence young children’s judgement of their peers. An abstract should contain a summary of the journal article (Bryman, 2004). The introductionRead More Stereotypes in the American Media Essay1361 Words   |  6 PagesStereotypes in the American Media Propaganda is an effective device that is used to influence and manipulate human behavior by appealing to emotions. When propaganda is combined with stereotypes, it usually produces negative results. A simplified view of a group of people, spread by mass communication can cause people to be more narrow-minded and can alter their perspective. Living in the Information Age, people are exposed to a constant stream of ideas and images. These ideas can reflect theRead MoreKing Kong: A Cultural Snapshot949 Words   |  4 Pagesview the novel and film as representation of the early 30s and thus a resource to understand the cultural context of the times. In particular, King Kong provides a window through which a modern audience can understand and interpret racism of the 1930s. The main stereotypes presented in the story, King Kong, were those of African Americans. A main message conveyed was the hyper-sexuality of African Americans, with the message revolving around the stereotype that African American males have an exaggeratedRead MoreCritical Thinking Of The Grand Budapest Hotel1102 Words   |  5 PagesProfessor Tumminello The Art of Theatrical Cinema March 12, 2016 Critical thinking of The Grand Budapest Hotel and American Beauty The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the most spectacular films of the 21st century. The movie is interesting and beautifully shot comedy directed by Wes Anderson. The Grand Budapest Hotel consists of a prologue, five parts, and an epilogue. The film features many successful actors, but the main story revolves around an interesting narration of Zero Moustafa (playedRead MoreGender Roles Of Disney Films1598 Words   |  7 Pagesafter fairytale. Most Americans grew up with Disney and have a strong connection with the brand. Yet, there is a lot more to a classic Disney film, then what the average American sees the first time viewing. Gender roles, also known as gender stereotypes, are things to be considered appropriate to certain men or women and we are constantly surrounded by them without even realizing it. Cultural gender roles in America have changed over time, from when Disney animated films were first released.Read More Teaching Children How to Discriminate Essay673 Words   |  3 Pagesdiscrimination and stereotypes toward different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality and region that Disney presents in their animated films. Lippi-Green also points out the use or misuse of foreign accents in films, television and the entertainment industry as a whole. Such animated films are viewed mainly by children. Lippi-Green makes a central argument in which she says that children are taught to discriminate through the portrayal of the different accented characters in Disney films. Read MoreThe Walt Disney Corporation1698 Words   |  7 PagesThe Walt Disney Corporation is a well-known entertainment industry that has been around since 1923. Disney has always been geared towards the production of popular culture for children and youth. Mà ¼ller-Hartmann suggests that â€Å"the animated films with their cute animations and music are especially important†¦since they speak directly to the emotions and thus, the sub-conscious. [Animation] works its audience magic purely on a purely subconscious level† (401). According to Towbin et al., â€Å"children’sRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Reel Injun774 Words   |  4 Pagessubject of Native American characters comes up in conversation, most picture Tonto from the film The Lone Ranger. However, many don’t realize how the film industry has created a stereotype that has affected generations of Native Americans. From mascots to logos of tobacco and other products, the early westerns have help mold minds into placing Native Americans into something they are not. The documentary Reel Injun help shed light on the subject as well as raise awareness to how these films have not onlyRead MoreWomen s Portrayal Of Women Essay1307 Words   |  6 Pagesanalyzing multiple films such as Whiplash, Birdman, American Sniper, Snow White and the Huntsman, Project X and 21 Jump Street, Resident Evil, Underworld it was evident that women were negatively portrayed in films. Examples of such negative roles are that women are hypersexualized, cast in stereotypical roles and are considered less valuable because of age. Even though more films are casting older women, creating less stereotypical and sexually objective roles, the majority of films still capture women

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Courageous Conversations About Race by Glenn E. Singleton...

Courageous Conversations About Race: Chapter 5 Authors Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton in Chapter Five of Courageous Conversations About Race broach the topic of race, by asking the reader to evaluate his or her own consciousness of race. According to the authors, in order to address the achievement gaps between African American students and White students, educators should shift their energy towards focusing on the factors that they have direct control of inside the classroom rather than on the factors that influence this achievement disparity between races outside the classroom. The first step towards addressing the racial achievement gap begins with educators addressing his or her individual racial attitudes for, as the authors†¦show more content†¦Growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois was significantly different from where I was born in Morristown, New Jersey. One of the most startling differences was apparent in the make-up of the student body. In Morristown, I attended an elementary school with a diverse student body; many of my schoolmates were African American and I remember even at a young age, students regardless of race interacting all-together without any sense of stigma attached to it. In that sense, while attending elementary school, since it was the norm to have friends of different races, I did not think very much of my race. However, in contrast to living in Morristown, when I moved to Park Ridge, Illinois at the start of middle school, I will never forget meeting my classmates for the first time only to realize not one was of a differen t race. In fact, there was not one African American in my entire middle school! This was shocking to me. Transferring from a diverse school community to a completely homogenous school community made me more aware of my race simply because there

Possession Of Emotional Intelligence As An Essential...

Possession of emotional intelligence is an essential component for every effective leader in whatever capacity. The ability for a leader to comprehend and manage his or her emotions and of the people close to them is critical in good leadership. As outlined by Kotter, good leadership needs â€Å"motivating and inspiring,† in other words, keeping individuals moving in the appropriate direction, in spite of significant obstacles to change, through appealing to elementary, but untapped human values, needs, and emotions (92). Not only does this define a good leader, but it also goes a long way in differentiating between a leader and a manager. When an individual blends different aspects of emotional intelligence with management skills, he or she†¦show more content†¦As per his view, he asserts that the significant ingredient that permits an organization to become successful and great is acquiring a level 5 leader. In other words, a level 5 leader is one who has the abilit y to take an organization from being only simply good to truly great. In a five-year investigation, Collins established that executives in possession of such a paradoxical set of traits represent catalysts for the statistically exceptional event of the transformation of a good organization into a really great one (67). To illustrate, Collins offers an example of Darwin Smith, a little heard of individual who turned around Kimberley-Clark (a heavy paper organization) whose stock worth had plummeted 36 percent behind the rest of the market the previous two decades. He created a dramatic transformation that caught the eyes of the globe (Collins 68). By discovering that the issue was not only financial, but also an emotional one, Darwin-Smith managed to remarkably turn around the company’s fortunes. In this case, Darwin-Smith is a level 5 leader. In essence, level five describes the uppermost level in a ladder of executive capabilities. The lower four levels include leaders who h ave the capability to produce high levels of success but not sufficient enough to elevate organizations from mediocrity to sustained levels of excellence. The four lower levels are: level 4 (effective leader), level 3

Billy Joels River Of Dreams Tour free essay sample

Billy Joel is back with his new hit album River of Dreams complete with a newconcert tour. It has been almost four years since his Stormfront tour, butBilly Joel is still as energetic and entertaining as ever! Picture it: Madison Square Garden in New York, 20,000 people cheering and chanting for theman of the hour, Billy Joel. The lights go out, and then, silence, everyoneanticipating the first note to be played. Finally the music starts, and out hecomes. A one, two, one two three four; guitars, drums, pianos, and keyboardsdrown the screams of the crowd as Billy begins to sing A Matter of Trust. Hisenergy and enthusiasm do not subside for a second throughout the entire night.Every song he sings is accompanied by the 20,000 fans singing each word rightalong with him. Since he sang only four songs off his new album River ofDreams, the tour should have been called Billys Greatest Hits. We will write a custom essay sample on Billy Joels River Of Dreams Tour or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Withoutfail, Billy Joel sang practically every song from one of his first hits, AngryYoung Man, to his most recent, Shades of Grey. The night would not have beencomplete without his live rendition of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant andGoodnight Saigon, his song dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War. Ofcourse, he closed the show with his most famous and memorable song, PianoMan. Between raging on the piano and climbing over the stage rails, BillyJoel gave his all-out best for a performance that will never be forgotten! Singus a song youre the piano man, sing us a song tonight, well were all in themood for a melody, and youve got us feeling all right!!!

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Shaquille ONeal free essay sample

Whenever anybody thinks about the game of basketball, the NBA or sports in general, the first name that usually comes to mind is Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. Throughout his career he scored over 32,000 points, won six NBA titles, six NBA Finals MVP awards and five NBA regular season MVP awards. He undoubtedly will go down as the greatest player in the history of not only basketball but all of sports. Every time a big name enters the NBA Draft, everybody always asks â€Å"Is this kid the next Michael Jordan? Michael has always been the measuring stick for NBA stars. Even today you can see debates daily on TV about how current stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James compare to Jordan. The argument that Jemele Hil from ESPN. com raised is could Shaquille O’Neal have been this measuring stick? Could he have gone down as the greatest player in NBA history instead of Jordan? Jemele’s argument is that Shaquille O’Neal who entered the league in 1992 should have been the man that goes down as the greatest player of all time. We will write a custom essay sample on Shaquille ONeal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Shaq was almost a perfect response to Michael Jordan. Where Jordan was psychotically determined and polished, Shaq was often goofy and darling. Nothing mattered more than basketball for Michael Jordan, and it showed. When Jordan was working tirelessly toward bettering himself for the next season, Shaq was shooting movies portraying him as a genie or a superhero. While Jordan was in the gym shooting for hours on end, Shaq was recording rap albums which sold very poorly. For Shaq, basketball was the day job. A day job he did seem to love and that he was obviously incredible at. But the game was just a piece of him. For Michael Jordan the game was him, it was what he lived for and he strived to be the best at what he does. We sit at the end of his long and great 19 year NBA career and we know now basketball was just a piece of Shaq. She attempts to convince the reader of how it could have been if Shaq had applied himself to the same level of intensity that Michael did to make himself the best in the game. Jemele isn’t the only person that feels this way, even the greatest coach in NBA history shares the same sentiment. Phil Jackson who coached both Jordan and Shaq says that Shaq could have been the greatest of all time. Jackson went on to say that Shaq easily could have won 10 or more MVP awards and more than the 4 Championships he won. Shaq could have been the most dominant ever, as he often liked to refer to himself. Jemele points out that when he was at is best, nobody can stop himHe could have been a bigger Jordan, a perennial MVP, a perennial champion. He could be the undisputed best center ever instead of a candidate for just the top three or top five. He could be in the conversation for the best player ever. At his peak, focused totally on making himself the best, Shaq was completely unstoppable. He seemed to only really apply himself for a year or two at a time. His 2000 season was legendary, and he should have won the 2005 MVP award over Steve Nash for his brilliant comeback with the Miami Heat. His 2009 All-Star bid was well-deserved at age thirty six. But in the context of Shaqs career, those look more like comets than a prolonged meteor shower. ONeal was regularly a shooting star. But the greatest the Jordan’s, the Russell’s, the Wilts, the Magic’s, the Kobe’s dont take years off, dont let up. Shaq did. Another aspect that Jemele points out about how Shaq could have done better in his career is taking care of his body. During his career he missed over 300 games due to injury which is an equivalent to about 4 seasons. Former teammates and coaches have blamed his conditioning and poor work ethic for the amount of games he missed. I feel that Jemele stated the biggest difference between Shaq and Michael Jordan when she said; â€Å"one thing Ill never forget is how Shaq sabotaged the Lakers opportunity at an unprecedented fourth straight championship in the 2002-03 season. † This is the season where he put off toe surgery before the 2002-03 season until training camp started and famously said Since I suffered the injury on company time, why shouldnt I be able to get surgery and do recovery on company time? He went on to miss the first twelve games of that season and the Lakers failed to win a fourth consecutive NBA Championship as the Lakers never seemed to get into any sort of rhythm that season. Jemele also correctly stated that Shaq usually treated his body with disregard and often came into the season overweight and out of shape. He always figured that he can play his way into shape during the season. This is one of the reasons I feel he wasn’t able to maintain his dominance into his later sea sons. A player like Michael Jordan and even Kobe Bryant continued to play well even after they started to age because of the dedication and commitment they gave to the game of basketball and keeping their bodies healthy whenever they can. Shaq’s former teammate Kobe Bryant manages to this day in his 16th season to continue to play through injuries whether it’s with a broken index finger on his shooting hand, torn ligaments in his shooting wrist and knees with barely any ligaments left. He finds a way to play and play at a high level, in his 16th season Kobe Bryant is leading the league in scoring with over 29 points per game. In Shaq’s 16th season he averaged less than 13 points per game. Another aspect of Shaq’s game that held him back from being in the greatest is free throw shooting. The foul shot is the second easiest shot in basketball, it’s a wide open 15 foot shot. During his career Shaq shot less than 53% from the free throw line, missing over 5,000 shots. His poor free throws shooting led to a strategy from opposing coaches called ‘Hack a Shaq’, where in the fourth quarter opposing players would intentionally foul him and send him to the free throw line to prevent the Lakers from scoring. Although Shaq liked to make fun of his own free throw shooting in movies and skits for Saturday Night Live, he never took the time to try and rectify his shot. And this takes me back to basketball just being a day job to Shaq because he could have stayed after practice for a few hours a day to work on his shot, but rarely if ever did. I think that he just felt that he can get by on his physical dominance, but sometimes hurt his team. I don’t put the blame solely on Shaq for this however, at some point his coaches need to step in and help him work on his form, but none of his teams ever did that. If he had improved his free throw shooting I feel that he could have added another 2,000 points to his career total. I feel that the audience Jemele is trying to reach is the basketball purists, the people who don’t feel there is even an argument as to who the greatest player in NBA history is. She is trying to convince these people that there would be an argument if only Shaw had better work ethic and desire to be the best. I’ve watched Shaq throughout his career because I’m a fan of the NBA, more notably a Laker fan and I agree wholeheartedly with her point of view. I’ve seen firsthand just how dominant of a force he can be when motivated and I definitely feel that he is in the top five when it comes to the greatest players of all time. But if he had worked in the offseason to make himself better, keep himself in shape and work with his teammates rather than stirring up drama with the likes of Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade, I do think it would be feasible to say that Shaq would have went down as the greatest player in NBA history.